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Automatic Milk Collection Systems

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Automatic Milk Collection Systems Comprises of:

  • Electronic Weighing Scale (150/300/600kg)
  • Milk Testing Equipment (REIL EMT/Ekomilk/Lactoscan)
  • Alfa Mini-Computer Dudh Sachiv with Printer (thermal/dot matrix)
  • Computer RMRD/ERP Software.
  • Auto CLR.
  • External Public Display.
  • Auto Handle.

    Features & Specifications of AMC:

    • Alfa Mini Computers are with GPRS to communicate with Server/Mobile.
    • PC can execute operations on Micro and Vice versa.
    • This facilitates wireless administrations, easy generation of reports ANYWHERE.
    • No Single point of failure. Failure of any PC or site, will not affect the whole process.
    • Alfa Mini Computer can interface any known milk testing equipment. Note that we also maintain and provide such equipment.
    • We provide ERP and RMRD Dock management software with seamless integration to our device.
    • Alfa 2013 Dudh-Sachiv gives over 15+ multilingual reports, accounting andadministrations are the other salient features.
    • Cloud integration.
    • Thermal Printer/Dot Matrix Printer Epson LX 300+.
    • Transfer database to any USB PEN DRIVE
    • RFID / Smart card System.
    • External Display .
    • Reports in notepad /Exls and printer too.
    • More than 10,000 customer Code numbers
    • Can Store data for 20+ years.

    Reasons for Alfa Milk Collection system:

  • 2/4/8 GB SD-card stores collection data up to 20 years
  • Any USB pen-drive — (SanDisk, Transcend etc.)
  • Import/export Rate Chart operation for "MICRO-TO-MICRO" and "EXCEL-TO-MICRO".
  • Export Reports — eg. "DailyShift Report" to USB in excel format Smart Card System optional
  • It safer than normal feature.
  • It is beneficial to farmers.
  • It is integrated with deduction and "Sale" management.
  • It behaves like credit card GPRS/ Ethernet (internet)
  • Complete Remote Control of all "Mini-Computers" from single Desktop.
  • Remote Lock/Unlock Micro
  • Download any Report from hundreds of "Mini-Computers" in few clicks.
  • "Edit Rate Remotely" of any device
  • Do Payment/deduction Remotely
  • Agent Reports and commission management
  • Difference reports - "Actual milk received by dairy" VS "Actual Milk Collected"
    Multi-Lingual support
  • We have Hindi, Marathi, English and Kannada
  • ERP and RMRD Dock management software with seamless integration to our Mini-Computer.

MICRO – 2016

The Latest iteration of our best selling product ;“MICRO-2016”, and"3G-Micro" the most advanced micro, yet. Special efforts by our R&D Team have been taken to overcome the drawbacks of the previous generation. Incorporating the advanced features like GPRS,GPS,E-Mail and Cloud Interfacing and still keeping the “User Friendliness" at the prime focus.

Key Features of micro 2016

  • Collection Auto / Manual selection.
  • Deduction Carry Forward.
  • Premium (Change the rate morning/evening)
  • Daily report make *and choose auto / manual system
  • Bulk cooler: Bulk collection system also available.
  • Bulk Cooler management system.
  • USB- send / receive rate table system.(Any USB)
  • USB- send the all report.
  • GPRS system / Email system – Send the all report.
  • Automatically send the rate table forward the PC (computer) To micro.
  • Edit collection system.
  • Edit rate table (change rate system).
  • Deduction check balance system.
  • Delete collection menu. (Daily/monthly)
  • Yearly report system.
  • Bonus report system.
  • Sms system.
  • Select CLR rate table system.
  • Per liter. Type 1&2 Deduction
  • Support the micro operated keypad & any PS2 keyboard
  • All interfacing system ports/RS232/USB/Printer/connectors/PS2 keyboard Milk Tester,W/S – EMT/alfa milkoscan/ekomilk/Lactoscan.
  • payment schedule.(10/15/30) you can choose
  • Change password (Erases old password you can choose New password) system.
  • Use thermal printer.
  • Dot matrix EPSON LX 300 ++ Printer Enables operator to view all the Milk parameters (Vol, Fat, SNF, and CLR) at a glance. Gives operator an idea in advance, about the further options available.

PC Keyboard Interface

  • Facilitates the user data entry during milk collection.
  • Various kinds of user data (Names, Code No., Rate tables) can be entered with a greater ease.

Data Storage

  • Extended user data storage; the data of around 10,000 customers can be stored for the period of 20 years.
  • Expandable Rate table.
  • Rate table update via GPRS/USB.
  • Additional FAT-CLR Rate Table; along with regular FAT-SNF Rate Table.

Printer Interface

The customer data can be printed in terms of various formats as per the users’ requirements.

  • Collection Receipt (Wide and Narrow).
  • Daily Shift Report.
  • Code Cumulative Report.
  • Society Cumulative Report.
  • Deduction Report.
  • Monthly Report.
  • Society Balance Sheet.
  • Payment Register.
  • Dairy Register.
  • Sangh Sale report.
  • Customer List.
  • Rate Report.
  • Yearly Bonus.

USB Support

  • The customer data can be easily transferred from the MICRO to universal Pen drive (Transcend, Kingston, SanDisk, etc.); which can be taken anywhere and helpful from the Backup point view.
  • The MICRO can also be connected to a PC as a device for the purpose of data transfer.

In-Built Weighing Scale

Internal Weighing Scale for the purpose of daily collection along with the provision for the External Weighing Scale.

Interface with other equipments:-

The MICRO can be serially interfaced with the other Milk Parameter Measuring Equipments. Viz. FAT m/c, AUTO CLR Indicator, Weighing Scale Indicator.

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