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Electronic Weighing Scale

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Dock milk weighing scale

Dock weighing scale, which is totally built in 304-stainless steel having capacity of 600 kg along with accuracy of 100/500/1000gms.With one year Govt. stamping certificate.



  • Capacity:60/150-200/600kg/Lit
  • Accuracy:50/100/200/500/1000gms.
  • Power Supply: 220-24V AC/12V Dc.
  • RS232 Port: Computer Interface.
  • Serial Printing Interface.
  • Indicator with Remote Display.
  • Serial Printing Interface.
  • Litre. conversion facility.
  • Kg. Formula changing facility Available.
  • Interface with Microprocessor & PC.
  • Fully Protected from Moisture & Humidity.
  • S.S. 304 Platform &S.S Load Cell (moisture proof)

Types of Weighing Scales:

 1. Plat form /tabletop weighing scale –150Kg, 250 Kg, 300 Kg.

  • Electronic weighing scale which are specially meant for dairy industry
  • Moisture & humidity proof,
  • Sturdy with heavy duty Load
  • No. Of scales are being used since from 5 to 6 years without a single complaint.
  • Heavy-duty material is used so there is no challenge for its strongness.
  • Available in M.S. & stainless steel also.

2. Tank weighing scale:

Used mainly on Dock where large amount of milk is collected.

3. Lab scale

4. Truck weighing Way bridges

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