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Bulk Milk Cooler

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We are the dealer of SERAP, FRANCE  the 2nd largest company in the World based in France for manufacturing of Bulk Milk Coolers used for collection & preservation of fresh milk collected at the Farmer end in the Villages.
Serap Industries, France has a 100% subsidiary, Serap India Pvt. Ltd. for manufacture of Bulk Milk Coolers at Halol, Gujarat in India.
Serap makes wide range of Bulk Coolers with good quality; 1000/2000/3000/5000/10000lit capacity.

  • Separate hermetic cooling with double compressor.
  • Direct expansion milk cooler.



Horizontal cylindrical tank, with double jacket and self supporting structure consisting of:

  • Inner tank, staineless steel AISI 304,
  • Very efficient full flow evaporator laser welded,
  • Outer tank, stainless steel AISI 304,
  • Insulation with high density non CFC polyurethane foam, 45 mm thickness,
  • Stainless steel adjustable legs mounted without thermal bridge,
  • Lockable manhole Ø 450 with Ø 76 opening on lid for milk entry
  • A Ø 76 pitting on tank back part for vent (possibility of reversing milk entry and vent),
  • Outlet valve Ø51 with SMS threading

Agitation and homogenisation

  • Low speed gear motor (25 rpm).
  • Automatic programmed agitation as well as continuous agitation.
  • Homogenization of milk fat in 2 minutes according to ISO 5708 Standard.

Cooling equipment

  • Separate hermetic type cooling unit for 2AII. Refrigerant R 22.

General equipment

  • Safety Switch HP/LP
  • Exact calibration (accuracy 0.5%)

Electric equipment

RL 5 Automate box, fastened in frontage

  • The control interfaces (stop, refrigeration start, continuous agitation start),
  • The regulation and display of the milk temperature,
  • The management and the control of the cooling, agitation, and alarms functions.
  • Voltage relay,
  • Power box fixed on cooling unit support. Standard electric power : 400 V / 3P+N / 50 Hz.


  • Automatic washing system, Wash 1010
  • Cooling regulation with pump down
  • Thermal Relay for compressor protection
  • Emergency Cooling Switch
  • Inlet connections with locking facility.


In accordance with international standard ISO 5708 and European Standard EN 13732.
In accordance with European CE norms.



2AII Performance-Milk at 35°C cools down to 4°C within 3 hours. Results in an ambient temperature of +38°C - operating guaranted at 43°C.

In these tanks the milk temperature, initially at 4°C, does not exceed to a value more than 5°C after 12 hours, in an ambient temperature of 38°C.



1. 75,000 units already sold in 70 different countries in last 47 years, no leakages reported till date due to very efficient laser welded evaporator.

2. In India, our tanks are presently imported from France. Other companies are importing either evaporator plates or tanks from China or east European countries which don’t have very good quality of evaporator or tanks in comparison to our BMC.

3. Evaporator is true laser welded, it can withstand high pressures, hence, no leakages of evaporator. Not even one evaporator plate has leaked in BMC till date.

4. Power saving of 13%-17% due to special evaporator.

5. Cooling time is 45 minutes lesser because of laser evaporator whose laser welding is only 5mm diameter, others have minimum 12-15 mm welding, other BMCs evaporator plates have lesser area for flow of R22, hence take longer time to cool. In BMC, lesser time to cool leads to enormous Power Savings as milk reaches 4 degrees in lesser time , and then compressors stop.

6. Exact Calibration (accuracy 0.5%)

7. Automatic Washing*- (optional) it works very well.

8. Low maintenance- No problems in the BMC for many years. Life of BMCs is atleast 30 years.

9. ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

10. RL5 Controller- Safety against High Voltage, can have back up of last 3 days of functioning of BMCs.

All our BMCs are with guaranteed 2AII performance i.e during first milking, milk of 35 degrees will be cooled to 4 degrees within 3 hours at ambient temperature of 38 degrees.

3000L & 5000L BMC are equipped with Wash 1010, Auto-CIP (optional).

2000L BMC have either a single compressor of 5 hp . Performance in this case will be 2AIII i.e milk will take 3 hrs 30 min to be cooled to 4 degrees at the same above parameters. We also have a 2 compressor model which is 2AII performance

Please note that our 5000L BMCs have Scroll compressors 2 nos. in 5000L which have power savings of close to 13%-17% in comparison to other reciprocating compressors available in the market.

Our BMCs take atleast 45 minutes less to cool because of our patented laser welded evaporator plate and we guarantee that our BMCs cool down to 4 degrees from 35 degrees ( at ambient temp of 38 degrees ) in less than 3 hours where others claim but do not actually have such a performance.

Our Tanks are Made in France and are made as per European Norms EN 13732 which are the most strict in the world and because of this reason many of the Chinese companies are not able to sell in Europe.

Our tanks have a Keymark Certification and our calibration charts are very precise with a accuracy of +/- 0.5%. All our BMCs are individually calibrated and each BMC has a unique calibration chart of its own.


Bulk Milk Cooler Milk Cooler First.SC RL5Controller

Technical details_FSC 5000L

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FIRSTS 2000L_couverclemonoblock2xCR36_ 2AII-réhaussé sumeeted12-10

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